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MANAGEMENT BY STATISTICS SOFTWARE -- Mastertech Computer Products Int'l

Name: Patricia Boyers

MANAGEMENT BY STATISTICS SOFTWARE -- Mastertech Computer Products Int'l

1266 Rogers Street

Clearwater, Florida 33756

Have your statistics wherever you want them with easy Web Access!

Desktop - Laptop - iPhone - Android & Windows Phones - i Pad - Android & Windows Tablets

No monthly fees. A one-time license purchase is all you need. Hurry and get yours today.

t: view phone(727) 216-0642

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You now can stay on top of what’s going on in your company by accessing your company's statistics. You can upload, access, view and enter statistics from anywhere with an internet connection. Management by Statistics 3.1 with web access makes it very easy for you to expand the use of the Management by Statistics throughout your company.

It is designed for managing an entire business and will track all of the statistics you need in your business. It’s a simple and rapid way to get your employees using statistics, condition formulas, production quotas and weekly battle plans to improve their production, which will improve individual efficiency and production.

Release of Management by Statistics 3.1 with Remote Web Access

Mastertech is pleased to announce the release of Management by Statistics software with web access. This new feature allows you to give your users access to your data over the internet. It gives you complete control over what information is made available over the internet and who has access to view the data. This is excellent for businesses with multiple offices or employees who work off site.

Key New Features:

Grant or deny access of your company's statistics. You can keep statistical data you don't want leaving your office, private and inaccessible, while at the same time allowing access to data that is needed outside the office.

Access your statistics remotely from anywhere you have an internet connection, including from smart phones and tablets.

Grant or deny internet access to any of your users.

Users who work in the field or remotely or from home can now access and enter their own statistics. To have internet access the employee must be a user in the MBS software.

Share your statistical data with a consultant or another external user.

Supports most browsers, including IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and many others.

Data is automatically synchronized between your local database and MasterTech’s secure internet server.

Users sign in with their email address and the same encrypted password they use to sign into the Management by Statistics 3.1 software.

Simple wizard set up makes internet access easy.

Hours of work

M-F 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern US Time

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