Information about Scams and Fraud on the Internet

By using common sense, you can avoid falling prey to internet scams and fraud. Some guidelines to follow:
       *  if it sounds fishy, it probably is fishy
      *  if a buyer proposes a complicated payment plan, beware 
      *  never agree to any plan where you are over-paid and have to return or pay back funds
      *  never give out personal financial information
      *  TheRazzLine does not certify or protect any party in a transaction. Beware of any claim.

More information on types of scams & fraud on the internet:

ACTUAL (and typical) LETTER to a T Advertiser:

Thanks for writing me. I am really in need of a place to stay and I do not want to waste time in getting one. I am okay with the rental fee of 700. At this point, I will like to make payment for 2 months and that will total 1,400. I want you to know that you will get a cashiers check that will contain the charge for the 2 months rent and some amount I am owing a client. After you have received the payment, I will want you to deposit it and it will clear in 24 hours after depositing then you can contact my client and then send send him the money I owe him. As soon as the payment is sent out, I will notify you so that you should be expecting it. Do send me your full names, address and telephone number so that I can send the check out to you.

Esther Brandon