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Prices & Packages List

We are happy to work with you to create packages to fit your needs and budget. Please contact us at

To see the differences between the various levels, go to the "List With Us" tab found on the biggest raspberry in the logo.

Free                    0.00 
Basic                 60.00 yearly
Premium           170.00 yearly or 100.00 for 6 months
Showcase         420.00 yearly or 250.00 for 6 months

All paid Directory listings come with up to two months of free, well-placed banners to increase your visibility on the site. Style and number of banners depend on the level of listing and length of time chosen.

For Premium and Showcase levels, we are happy to enter your listing for you at no additional charge.

Free                 0.00 monthly
Basic              20.00 monthly
Premium         35.00 monthly
Showcase       50.00 monthly

Package discount:
Buy 5, Get 6 or Buy 10, Get 13.

All ads run for 30 days unless removed by the member or the moderator (for example, if a "for sale" item is sold, ad may be removed).

For Premium and Showcase levels, we are happy to enter your ad for you at no additional charge.

Job Opportunity Notices are NOT available with Free level.

Free              0.00
Premium       10.00 monthly
Showcase     20.00 monthly

Premium and Showcase level Event listings are FREE for public, broad community cultural, charity & community events (museums, fairs, beach cleanups, concerts, etc.). Use the Discount/Promo code FREEEVENT when entering your event.

Sponsored Link         5.00 monthly (2 locations)
Top                      50.00 monthly (3 locations)
Featured               40.00 monthly (3 locations)
Bottom                 15.00 monthly (3 locations)

Banners are only available to those with paid Business Directory listings. Cost includes basic design and layout. Home Page placement may incur additional charges.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase banner ads or if you are interested in purchasing banners by number of impressions.

Free                    0.00    
Paid/Advertorial   50.00 monthly   

All articles are posted at the discretion of the moderator. Any articles submitted for consideration must be well written, with good grammar and using words found in an English dictionary.

Articles selected for posting are those known to draw traffic to the site and to the article content, including: how-to with specifics and instructions, advice and tips from experience, humor, and articles with condensed information that is timely and of general interest.

An advertorial article is written in order to attract business or interest the reader in a specific product or service. The charge is $50 per month for advertorial articles. This charge includes promotion of the article using social media and email lines and puts the article in front of thousands of people.

Advertorial articles are posted for one month and may remain posted at the discretion of the moderator based on page views. F
ree articles remain posted at the discretion of the moderator based on page views.

Additional Services & Fees

We're happy to answer your questions and assist you, as needed. When a cycle requires more expertise or extended time there will be minor charges with a $25.00 minimum charge:

Design, lay out, PhotoShop work          $25 - $100 /hour 
Set up, insertion, edits, etc.               $25 - $50 /hour
Technical and design hand holding        $50 /hour   

All prices quoted as of 28 May 2010  * Prices are subject to change without notice *