TheRazzLine Survey Service

We now offer an online survey service for those interested in surveying members of TheRazzLine and their families, friends and associates. This is a unique and sometimes difficult to access group, so we are pleased to be able to offer this service. Here's how it works:
Details of the Survey Service

What you do
Decide what you want to know and create your survey questions.
    - Not sure what to ask or how to go about it? We can help you craft a survey to get the information you want.
Decide how many responses (completed surveys) you want. (Charges are based on the number and type of questions asked and the number of responses wanted.)

Contact us - Ray McKay 818-353-6750 or email

What we do
We will review your survey and the number and types of questions and number of completed surveys you want. Based on this, we will determine the pricing per survey response.
We format and fully prepare your survey for the survey platform (software). We then review your survey with you and make any adjustments needed until you're satisfied with the survey questions and format. Once that is complete, we activate the survey on the survey site.
Survey Launch
We send a message to members of TheRazzLine informing them of the survey, generally what it's about, and the estimated amount of time to complete it. A link is provided for responders to access your survey online.
If you wish, we can also distribute the survey via Facebook page and/or other social media outlets that reach your target market.

Survey Results
The results are collected by the software as responses come in. When we have received your desired number of completed surveys, the results are formatted and delivered to you via email in an easy to tabulate file.
Survey Pricing
Survey cost is based on the number and types of questions asked and the number of completed surveys desired. The cost for a survey with up to 10 questions (multiple choice, multiple response, open response) and up to 100 completed surveys is $4.25 per completed survey.
Please contact us for a quote ~ Ray McKay 818-353-6750 or email

* Additional information
- Identities and/or contact information of those responding are not available.
- We will do everything possible to ensure that the surveys are answered only by your target public.
- As these are internet based surveys, we are not able to supply tone level information.
- We guarantee only that we will distribute the surveys to your target market, collect the number of responses you request and deliver the results to you for tabulation.
- If your survey results are inconclusive or you need to ask different, revised or additional questions, a new survey will be necessary.