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“Is it possible for you to take my roommate notice off of TheRazzLine Notice Board? I rented both rooms within a week of placing the ad!!! :) Got two perfect, upstat/uptone folks within 4 days,...yehaaa!”  M.S. Los Angeles, CA
“It is just SO EASY to place an ad on your new TheRazzline website! That is just so Very Well Done -- thank you, very, very much for all you do for us!!” M.C. Tampa, FL
“Thank you for your wonderful service. We had a great response and hired someone right away.” S.E. Tampa, FL
“I was job hunting and last week at least three different people told me to go to TheRazzLine Notice Board to look…and I started my new job today! Thank you very much!” E.K. Los Angeles, CA
“I wanted to let you know that we have had good responses to our business listing on TheRazzline and now have some new clients. So, it has been a good investment.” T.B. Glendale, CA
“I need to know how to remove my new Help Wanted ad - I hired someone in 3 days!”D.G. Clearwater, FL
“Your marketing expertise really helped my listing look great. I got more response in one week on your site than I’ve had in the past two months! Thank you for your help!” W. F. Glendale, CA
“We have had a good response, so I know your stats are right on. Awesome!!” G.T. Sunland, CA
“Amazing! I added my Business Directory listing for my small business on TheRazzLine just to try it out and within two days I had two new customers booking me for work!!! Thanks for all the help!” A.G. Burbank, CA
“I sold everything in just a few days! I highly recommend advertising on TheRazzline Notice Board, and going to the Notice Board to find what you need and want!” L.M. Pasadena, CA
“This is my first experience using for employment ads and we literally had the position filled in just 4 days. This is amazing when you consider that it was a qualified Treas Sec we were looking for. Thank you for your awesome service and the great support. I just edited the ad to fit our new needs! Thanks a lot!!!!!” E.D. Glendale, CA
“Thank you again for helping me set up my help wanted ad! I just hired a wonderful, fully qualified assistant/communicator for the owners! Now, how do I cancel the ad?” R.K. Tujunga, CA
“I called around to a few of the other companies with Showcase ads and found they were happy with the number of reaches they were getting and particularly with the quality of the leads they were getting.” L.F. Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you for your help but I didn’t even need to place my ad - I found someone by looking through your classifieds ads! Thanks for being there.” A.P. Hollywood, CA
“I need to have you take down the ad about us looking for an admin assistant. With your help, we filled it in a couple days!” V.L. Beverly Hills, CA
"I put up a posting on TheRazzLine and had 3 bona fide applicants within 48 hours. Wow! Simple. Results. What more could  you ask for?" C. F. Dunedin, FL
“Thank you!!! This is such an in-abundance service”. S.E. Clearwater, FL
“Talk about exchange in abundance!! You did a wonderful job of jazzing up my original message. Great work! Thanks so much!!” J.H. Los Angeles, CA
“I can not believe how great you all are! I can’t remember the last time I dealt with people who were so helpful, nice, and pleasant, had such bright ideas and were more than fair with their exchange. I want people to know how great it is to do business with the Notice Board!” K.C. Burbank, CA
“You are THE BOMB Razz. We are SO lucky to have you! Heartfelt thanks for all you do to keep us connected.” G.J. New York
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