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What is is a community Notice Board providing online resources including: classified listings, directory listings, events calendar, articles, various feeds and social networking capabilities.
The purpose of Notice Board is to provide an easily accessible forum for members and users in order to increase access to and communication with our broad community.
Who runs TheRazzLine?
He he he he...
What's with the raspberry thing going on in the header logo?
They're the brilliant design creation of the mouseketeer above! And, we like raspberries...
Is a non-profit? A business? Affiliated with any other organization?
No, is a privately owned business - We do have cats and dogs to feed! (See photo of hungry cat napping above.) is not affiliated with any other group, organization or association.
What are the site statistics?
Site stats change daily! We'll post updated, overall statistics regarding unique visitors, pages visited, time spent on the site, etc. in the Media Kit on a regular basis. The stats of specific listings can be monitored by the listing member from the member control panel after logging in.
Why should I be a member? / Do I have to be a member?
Members can post directory listings, classified and banner ads, events, articles, etc. Non-members cannot post though they have access to the rating feature on the site. (All ratings are submitted pending approval by the site moderator.)
Additionally, members who place listings in the Business Directory get the benefit of having a web site with a lot of external links coming in to the site. This aids in giving any member with listings more control over creating a postive, personal internet presence.
You do not have to be a member to view the site. Anyone surfing the web may access and view this site.
Who can be a member?  What does it cost?
Anyone who agrees to and complies with the Terms of Service can be a member. To view the Terms of Service, click here.
There is no charge to become a member and there are free options for listing and posting.
How do I become a member?
From the "Home" page click on this image and follow instructions: 
You'll need to enter a Classified ad, Business or Event listing or an Article. You can choose a free listing or any of the other options.
I have a non-profit/worthy cause/cool event - can I get a discount or free listings?  How?
Free listings are already available to any member.  If you want an upgraded listing at no charge or at a discount, we are happy to review your request. Send the specific details to us at Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.
If you wish to list events of a cultural nature, for the benefit of everyone, using an upgraded listing, please contact us at with the specific request details. We'll review your request and, if approved, you will be sent a code (free) to use when posting the event listing. 
What do the red raspberry and the red jewels on some listings mean?
  The Red Raspberry is an award given by Razz (who is a real person) signifying a business or person who has been highly and repeatedly recommended by users and/or Razz has personally experienced a high level of service and competence from the person or business. 
The Red Diamond represents a business or person who has received a number of rave recommendations or reviews from users.
These awards can only be seen in the Business Directory where the business or person also has a Premium or Showcase level listing. 
What is the Email Service?
The owner of also operates a separate and entirely independent email forwarding group for sponsored members only. That service and function is not included in, and is not a part of Notice Board, although many members of that service do contribute to and use the Notice Board. For more information about the email forwarding group, contact