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Hurricane Preparedness - Tips & Advice
20 Jul 16 - By TheRazzLine Compilation

Hurricane Preparedness - Tips & Advice

Advice & tips about how to best prepare for big weather, and maybe even have some fun while it's happening ~

"Be prepared"... Scout motto

Hurricane Proof - Tips & Advice

It's pretty simple to prepare! Have these on hand: flashlights & radio and batteries for both; non-perishable foods, manual can opener, full tank of gas.

Three days of bottled water and non-perishable food supply is rule of thumb! Safe spaces are a hallway or tub to 'hunker down' in, or under a mattress if necessary. Make sure furniture, plants, etc outside are not able to blow into or damage anything.


I have been to the hurricane preparedness center in Tallahassee. This site gives you good information and not “urban legends” type stuff on how to prepare and the latest on evacuation routes etc.

Go to this page and click on the “get a family plan” button.

Also to monitor storm progress, go to This is the best link I have found for tracking hurricanes. I've been a Floridian since 1975 and have been through three or four hurricanes in my area.


First, check with your landlord as to what type of preps he/she has used in the past, and what, if any damage has been previously sustained to the place where you are living. Questions might include does the area flood easily? Has he ever boarded up his windows (there would be extant holes for putting up plywood on windows)? What should you do to exercise reasonable care? Can he help? Will he cover expense for plywood?

Because a great majority of damage is done by high winds, the windows are a key item to cover or tape.

Next, depending on what he says, either get tape and tape your windows (Lowe’s or Home Depot can tell you what kind); or get plywood for the major windows and a heavy duty drill. A neighbor or friend would be a good help.

Stock up on water both for drinking and bathing. One thing many do is to fill their bathtubs if it looks like it will make landfall nearby. Even in mild storms electricity can go out for extended periods. An ice chest is a good investment and remember not to open your refrigerator unless you have to, as this lets the cold out.

Your cell phone should have a back up battery because with no electricity there is no recharging, unless you decide to buy a generator.

A battery operated radio is recommended with back up batteries. Flashlights, candles, etc.

Foodstuffs would include a few days supply of anything that doesn’t have to be cooked or refrigerated. Remember that it won’t keep long in the heat and humidity if it is opened or perishable.

Take a look at the trees in your area - does anything need trimming? Dead branches? Now is a good time to do it so the wind doesn’t do it for you.

There is a mixed review on leaving windows opened slightly on the lee side of the building. I am in favor as I believe it reduces pressure.

On the other hand, one of the worst storms Clearwater had in recent past has been a winter storm, not a summer one.

Very likely this current storm will stay away from landfall here, and we will get high tides and breezes, with rain and high humidity for a few days. People tend to get overwhelmed and overreact, and of course the news makes big stories out of small storms.

If it does hit, find a few friends, plan on camping out for a few days, tell stories and enjoy the thrill! If you do have a low lying home, put all your valuables up high and head for a shelter or a friend’s house (one that is on high ground and made of cement block)!

During the last big storm my family lived on the East coast about five miles from where the eye made landfall. We all got together at the highest house, drank beer, told stories, and sweated a lot (smile).

Clorox and rubbing alcohol are pretty effective against mold for the cleaning up after the storm.

You’ll be fine - good luck!


Here are some links with valuable data on hurricanes, tropical storms and hurricane preparedness.

This link will take you to a very informative "Preparedness Guide" published by the US Dept. of Commerce:

The following link will take you to the National Hurricane Center where you can stay up to date with the storm:

Link to the American Red Cross:

Link to the "Weather Channel":


Is there a hallway in your home? My understanding is the best place to hang out is a windowless room with a stronger structure than the rest of the house, which is usually the hallway. A floor and back cushion are also of use because you could be there for quite a while.

And of course I expect you have a battery operated radio and lots of extra batteries, but do you have anything for entertainment, like a battery operated CD player? And a friend or neighbor to ride it out with? Those are very handy to have. Oh, and a battery operated fan. The heat and humidity can be tremendous and there's just no airflow because, you know, you're intentionally in a room without windows and the power went out.

And does your house have shutters? The "hatches" need to literally be battened down!

And last, but not least - the beer. You know, for anesthesia against the nerves and also for a little fun. I have a friend in FL who always chooses a different beer, and she announces it: "(so&so) Beer, the Official Beer of Hurricane (thus n such)." Obviously, you don't wanna be drunk in an emergency situation! But a beer can be a good thing to have on hand.

And, be prepared for a neighborhood barbeque if the power goes out. The custom is, if the food in your fridge or freezer is gonna spoil because the power went out, just bring it on out and share it with the neighbors.

The best way to have it not happen at all is to be totally prepared! Cheers!
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