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Dentists in Mexico
01 Jun 17 - By TheRazzLine - Compilation

Dentists in Mexico

A compilation of recommendations we received from members of TheRazzLine regarding dentists in Mexico.



Dentists in Mexico

EDITOR'S NOTE: A passport is required to travel from the US to Mexico and back.


I recommend a dentist that my brother, another friend, and myself have all gone to. This practice is considerably cheaper and so far seems to do good work. They have regular dentists and specialists all under one roof at this particular place. Their number is 619-819-8671 or 213-402-1783. Good luck!


If you are looking for a competent, honest dentist in Tijuana, I recommend Ricardo Pulido. Not only do I consider him to be a good dentist but he is also a very good friend. Dr. Pulido takes good care of his patients; I know because he's been my dentist for many years. Reach him via Dr Herrera at 619-666-3048


I highly recommend Dr. Rosendo Armendariz V. He is great and has lots of experience (over 25 years). You can have the whole mouth fixed for 1/2 or 1/3 of the price of the US rates. His clinic is located at:
Comitan # 14, Colonia Hipodromo Condesa,
Zona Postal 06170, Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico
Tel: 5264-3274 and 5564-5713
I've been going to Mexico for about 20 years.


I've heard fabulous reviews from friends who have gone to the American BioDental in the Grand Hotel in Tijuana. Here is their website Phone number 877-207-0824 (US toll free #)

They are members of the Huggins Alliance and do mercury/amalgam removals per Dr. Hal Huggins' technique. They also have an on-site lab which apparently makes everything go really fast! I checked on their website and their prices are excellent.


I went to Dr. Ezekiel Lagos in Tijuana. Here is his web site:

Dr. Lagos was educated in Mexico and his practice is in the "Playas" or Beach portion of Tijuana, so you do not have to go into Downtown Tijuana. His fees are listed on his website. His office and facilities are very clean. You can take a taxi from the Tijuana side of the border to his office.
Dr. Lagos U.S. Toll free. 1-877-356-0056
México (664) 680-23-86

Excerpt from his website:

At the Center for Biological Dentistry, we strongly take into consideration how dental procedures and materials affect the immune system of the individual. Dr. Lagos uses biocompatible materials and has received extensive training in the removal of toxic elements during treatment and the prevention of further exposure to them. Dr. Lagos has received much of this training under Dr. Hal Huggins, a pioneer in this field, using the most effective techniques, state of the art sterilization, and modern high dental technology.

With twenty five years of experience and his gentle touch, the use of acupressure, powerful biomagnets, and high-dose intravenous vitamin C, Dr. Lagos is able to neutralize the discomfort often associated after dental treatments.

The Center for Biological Dentistry is located ten minutes after crossing the international border from San Diego, California, a few blocks from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


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